Moving tip #16 and BLOG CANDY!

Something I have to keep in mind CONSTANTLY when I'm around bubble wrap.. What IS it with that stuff? It's addicting. ANYWAY...

I'm moving. Houses, not blogs... I mentioned in a post or two that I have purchased my first home, and I am moving into it on October 4th. (World Card Making Day... What a bummer!) It's going to be okay because my fiance and I have packed up most of our belongings in effort to sell the condo my parents own that I now inhabit.

Blog Candy: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me some moving tips. I hate moving and am not really good at the packing/unpacking thing, so tips that have helped you in the past to make your moving life easier would certainly help!!! I'll leave the contest open for one week. Please know that upon picking a winner, I will get your blog candy out AFTER i move.. I hope you understand. ;)

And my posts will be sporatic over the next couple weeks, but I hope to get SOME creating done. Thanx!!

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  1. I just moved last month, so I think I can offer a few tips:

    1. Buy some blank newsprint (we got a huge box from Uhaul for $12). It's great for glasses/dishware/breakables.

    2. If you have to take something apart, put all the small bits and pieces (screws, bolts, etc) in a ziploc bag, and then put that in your tool box.

    3. Do NOT pack your toolbox!

    4. Make an "open first" box, with things like toilet paper, your landline phone, paper/pens, flashlight, snacks, cups, take-out menus, phone book, etc. Don't pack this box either. Move it in your car.

    5. Vacuum/sweep before you move in a single item. That way you know the floor is clean before you start setting things up. Yes, you'll have to do it again after you finish moving everything in!

    Hmm...that's all I can think of for now. Good luck!

  2. Congrats on your move!
    I use clean towels and sheets to wrap glass items.
    I just moved a few monthns ago and I have everything in the garage and only bring in a box at a time. It's amazing what you don't want in your new place that you had to take cuz it was a must.

  3. Label boxes "bedroom", "kitchen", etc...but be as detailed as you possibly can by listing the contents on the box on the outside. Then if you're looking for one specific item, you might be able to find it without rummaging through everything.

  4. First thing, make up your bed, that way if you are really exhausted, you can leave the unpacking till the next day and just go to bed. Good luck with your move. I moved my craft room by myself so my husband would not bother himself with knowing all of the stuff I have.
    Linda Peterson

  5. I've moved 30 times in 39 years so I have a few tips.
    1) Purge
    2) Purge
    3) Purge

    Be ruthless. If you haven't touched it in 6 months you probably never will so sell it, pitch it or donate it charity. If it turns out later that you need it buy another one.

  6. The best advise that I can offer is to have someone else do it for you! Yeah, you probably have to pay for that service. If your doing it yourself, go to the grocery stores and see if they have boxes (free). Also, label all your boxes as to which part of the house they belong in. Thats all I can think of for now!!


  7. My last move I ran out of newspaper to pack up my kitchen stuff so I ended up using towels and linen for padding. It worked great and it's GREEN! Good luck on your move :-)

  8. I feel your pain. I HATE moving. Sometimes I think I live in my house just because I don't want to move. Kidding! My best advice is LABEL, LABEL, LABEL! And use small boxes. Do not be a total genius and buy the biggest boxes possible. That makes them extremely heavy. Live and learn, baby!

  9. Tobi,

    When you take apart anything!!! even a shelf or a clock off the wall, take the screws, parts and any other pieces and either tape them to the item or put the pieces in a baggie and tape the baggie to the item. That way, when you go to put the bed together or that picture on the wall, all the parts and pieces are right there with the item and no need to go hunting for them. Also, make sure that the folks that are helping you move now that the labels are on the boxes for a reason. Bedroom boxes go in the bedroom etc.
    If you have some friends helping you move, make sure no beer is consumed until all the vehicles are unloaded and all the boxes are at least in the house. Then feed your friends for their hard work and let the beer can flow.

  10. I have add a YES with what everyone else has said. I have just moved, and I have moved every 3-5 years since I have been married. And if you are packing ADD (like I am), pack up the stamping stuff first (and carefully). Two reasons--the pretty stamps, inks and papers will call you away from packing those pesky kitchen items--AND do it while your packing patience is still good and not the last day when you dump stuff in a box and label it "Stuff". (NOT that I have ever done that-lol)

    Paper products are your friend--you can save the planet after your move--paper cups, bowls and disposable silverware save sanity.

    AND the most important advice that I have ever gotten (from someone who also has moved frequently) ONE PERSON PACKS THE TRUCK (the other person/people keeps their mouths SHUT). Sounds silly, but major arguments at a stressful time can have long lasting consequences. Um, yes, I have holes in my tongue from a move or two. ;)

    Happy moving

  11. My tip would be to label each box with the room it is going into, and make sure you set up boxes for the Salvation Army, etc. They will come get it, with things you really don't want to move into your new home. Take it easy and don't stress out, you will get it all done in time.

  12. Use one of those great moving pods. Forget the truck rental. All you do is call up AHH so easy, or PODS, and they drop it off, you load it up, and they pick it up, and deliver it whenever you want it. So if you need a few days to pain of anything notta problem, all taken care of. Trust me with the price of gas, it is way cheaper then driving a million little small trips.
    Dressers, perfect spots for fragile things, take out all of you clothes, put in fragiles but wrap them in your clothes!
    Saves on paper, space and helps prevent breakage.
    Mark a box with cleaning supplies and put it with your open 1st box. YOu will need it when you get to your new place, even new homes are never cleaned properly when you move in.

    Best of Luck, and Congrats,

  13. I have to agree with the purge, purge purge.

    You have to be absolutely ruthless!

    Nothing like unpacking a box of crap at your new place and wondering why on earth you wasted the time and energy packing it up.

    Congrats on your new home!

  14. Good advice from everyone! Between me and my boyfriend, we've moved 6 times in the past 4 years. Each time, we've done it by ourselves. From now on, the biggest moving tip we'll tell anyone is hire somebody if at all possible! Small things are ok to move by yourself, but hauling sofas, fridges, beds, dressers upstairs is so no fun after a day of moving already. Plus you get really grouchy and start snarling at each other! =) Good luck!

  15. Way to go on home ownership! I suggest you have a garage sale, I just made $450 dollars before I moved last month. Identify what you want in your car first and keep a spot for those items so you have essentials easily accessible. Schedule Salvation Army pick up at least three weeks before you need it, they do not do last minute. Ok, that should be enough. THanks for sharing!Good luck!

  16. Pack all your valuables and important papers first.. and keep in a special spot to be moved in your car.

    Pack a box of goodies, snacks, drinks to help you get thru your first day or two of settling in.

    Think hard about what really matters to you and pack that after your valuables. You want to be sure you have room for what you really want to keep.

    Good luck with your moving.. hope it all goes smoothly.


  17. Congrats on the purchase of your new home. I miss living in your area of the world. My advice is rent pods and forget the boxes. Label like its no ones business. And pack the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom last. They become the first to unpack. Set up your bed 1st thing, then order pizza. Go to bed, tackle it in the morning. I have moved from Vancouver to Toronto and it was no easy task. Good luck!

  18. I have to agree with the other gals, purging is one of the best things you can do in a move. Make sure to keep a tote bag with things like tp, bandaids, tools, cell phone charger and snacks close by at all times. If someone offers to help, say YES, help is wonderful even if they don't put the glasses in the right cupboard. Good luck in your first home.

  19. Wishing you the best on your move!
    I use towels, sheets, blankets and the like for packing material.
    Also bubble wrap.

    UHaul will buy back unused boxes that you buy from them.

    On my last move a year ago, it was across the I packed I made piles for donate, trash, give to a friend for her garage sale...and then of couse packed what I kept...made a HUGE dent in my 'junk'! LOL!

    Label boxes on top and sides.

    I packed like all living room decorations together....bedroom decor together....instead of putting like things together...that way, I could unpack a room at a time.

  20. We always take any linens that we won't need immediately (so, keep away your bath towels & bed sheets that you'll need) and wrap anything and everything we can with them.

    Do not make your boxes too heavy!! It's not good for you and the boxes can break!

    Don't skimp on packing tape! You would be devastated if your box of fine china had its bottom fall out.

    *Organize* Pack room by room and label your boxes. You can even go so far as using different color markers for the boxes - just keep a master list or you'll just be more confused. lol

    We always start packing about a month or so in advance starting with things we definitely don't need immediately - dust collectors & pictures.

    Try to relax during the process!! It's never fun to move, but try to keep your cool and not kill too many people in the process. =)


  21. I agree with a lot of the other advise. We bought colored tape to color code the rooms that the box should go to when it arrives at the new house, so it goes right to the correct spot!

    My best advice is this: Liquor boxes are PERFECT for heavy items like books, china, stamps, etc. because they are small and usually sturdy. In our state liquor is only sold in regulated "ABC" stores, so you can pick the boxes up in mass quantity.

  22. We've moved alot...and I really don't have any good tips.
    I suggest writing on the boxes what room the box should go to and also what is in the box.

  23. I didn't read any others so i'm sorry if these are repeats!!

    1. keep out 2 pans 2 plates and cups and silverware . .ect

    2. don't make boxes heaveier than you can carry them

    3. label by room and also by item
    (i have books in two differnt rooms)

    4. move as little food as possible

    5. pack and move yourself and keep with you any items of great importance. . .that way if they get broke you can only blame yourself.

    6. remember to not pack pillows and a couple blankets

    7. also something to keep you busy (some small scrapbooks supplies or books). . .you never know when you'll get everything found and unpacked

    8. don't pack any important papers . . .keep those on you in case you would need them and make sure you have or know where ALL other files are . . . this has sensitive info on them!!!

    9. wash down cupboards and shelves before putting your own stuff in the new place. . i even sometimes paint or put that sticky stuff down. . .i know that made sense!! LOL

    10. if your a scrapbooker take pics of before for you move in. . .then you can scrap the transformation!!

    11. make sure corners of furniture are extra protected

    12. don't be afraid to ask someone who may be packing for you to do it different or watch them!!!

    13. if your going to change out carpet or anything like that do it BEFORE your furn. get in there!! much easier!!

    14.if place doesn't have curtains keep a couple sheets with you (don't pack) so you can tack them up for privacy

    15. try. . .i know its hard . . . to unpack one box at a time. . .

    i hope some of those helped!!

  24. Everyone's tips are great! I would suggest wearing a waist/hip pack with your important items, money, debit card, tampons, keys, etc., so they are with you always. Iknow, you look like a tourist, but gosh sometimes it's hard to find your purse!! Good luck.

  25. Go through everything and throw stuff away before you pack not after you move in.

    Mark the out side of the box with what room it will go in. Tape a list to the box of the general contents.

    If you don't have a place for it, get rid of it.

    Don't worry about cooking, order take out.

  26. Wow, great packing advice from the previous commentators. I can't really add to it. haven't moved in 6 years and 9 years before that. I think moving 8 times in the 2 years at Univ. Western Ontario put me off moving.
    I will sure hire someone to do it form me next time.

    Congrats on the new house. Its fun making it your own.
    All the best, one box at a time....

  27. Pack all kitchen items together and label boxes. If you have a utensil drawer pack it in one box labeled as such. Then when you move boxes into your new home take boxes to the appropriate room. Also, when packing heavy things like books use small boxes so that they can be easily carried.

  28. Plan on doing some cleaning before you do some unpacking, even if you are moving into a new house, there may be something that doesn't measure up. Be sure that you can track down your cleaning supplies

  29. My tip is a bit time consuming and not for everyone. When I moved 3 years ago I made a list of every single item in every single box. Seriously, I did. To this day we have about 20 boxes yet to unpack. I still use that list and find the item I need every single time. There was approx 120 boxes so it did take time but for me well worth it. If nothing else you could do a general list and number the boxes to have an idea what is in them.

  30. take pictures with a digital camera of anything you take apart, wires on electronics, etc. that way you can refer to them if needed, good luck.

  31. I could have never moved without getting a moving company. I'm not sure how other people do it without them. I'd wind up mixing up every box and breaking everything, haha.


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