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Hi there! I am here with another look at this month’s Greenhouse Society stamp from Technique Tuesday. Watch the Greenhouse Society section on our Web site for it or talk to your favorite retailer to ask them to get this stamp set in.
The new set starts shipping today so the design team has made another round of creations to inspire you!
Here’s my card:


This set was begging me to do a CAS card so I conceded! Here are the steps I took to create this look:
  1. Colour direct-to-stamp with various Distress Markers (water-based markers).
  2. Huff (blow warm air, like how your Gramma cleans her glasses) on the stamp and stamp onto the paper. Incidentally I used Bazzill “Double-Thick” paper. It’s not watercolour paper, but it doesn’t wilt when a little water is used…
  3. Allow the image to dry completely.
  4. Scribble a little of the red colour onto a craft mat or slippery surface. Pick up the colour with a water pen and colour in the image. Do the same with the mustard colour in the center.
Funnily enough the lines didn’t smear when I applied the colours with the water pen, but that’s because I did it very quickly and I wasn’t doing any blending or anything. Just a really quick application of colour.
Thank you for stopping by, and if there are any more questions about the Distress Markers, go ahead and ask! I love ‘em and can’t wait to experiment some more!

Check out the Technique Tuesday blog for more gorgeous samples! 

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  1. It really is lovely, Tobi. "Various distress markers"...how various? and how many? and does going over a spot with one marker compromise the other marker if it also passes by? And, do these markers being water based, need to be horizontal like other water based markers or does it matter? I like that Copics can be stored in any manner and they are fine but my other markers, not so much. Really pretty, Tobi!

  2. I. Adore. This.



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