Naughty Or Nice Challenge #1

Here we are with our  first Naughty Or Nice challenge!! I've been getting very excited about this day as Danielle and I have been doing a bunch of behind-the-scenes work to get it up and running... I hope you like our new challenge concept and I would love it if you played along! 

So what do we mean by Naughty or Nice? Well, take a look at your sentiment stamps - are there any in your collection that are kind of "off-color" or a little bit racey? Pair them with a seemingly innocent image and BAM! You've succeeded in being naughty. But for those of you who cannot find a devilish stamp that fits the bill, no worries - you could be nice and post a card with our theme and you will be fulfilling our challenge parameters too!

So I had a bit of a tough time choosing JUST the right combination of stamps that were a little naughty and love-themed at the same time... But eventually I settled on a cyber/nerdy/talking dirty idea:

I was thinking I would go with a card concept that someone could use as a Valentine. I hope it's not too edgy for people because I sure think it's cute!! lol... 

Challenge Rules and Guidelines: 
  • You can simply add the URL link from your project after it has been uploaded to your online craft gallery. If you upload your card to an online craft gallery, please use the keyword NON1 so we can check out your beautiful work! You can also use online photo-sharing sites like Flickr to share your photos too! 
  • Please mention and link back to this post to let people know about this fun challenge!
  • Whether you are Naughty or Nice, we sure would appreciate cards made especially for this challenge, but really and truly, anything goes as long as it fits our monthly theme! 
  • You have until the 25th of each month to submit your creations and then the DT will pick two winners, one for both Naughty and Nice

So that's all for now, please feel free to click on the entries below and leave some love for our participants. I, for one, can't wait to see what you come up with!! 

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  1. Hee hee. Sounds like a fun challenge Tobes. Love your card. Made me giggle.

  2. What a lovely card! It really made me lough :-)


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