Naughty or Nice: Anything Goes!

For this month's challenge we thought we'd make it easy on you and get back to the basics of this challenge: are you Naughty or Nice???!!! With one little twist: can you make it EXTRA naughty or SUPER nice??? Let's go above, and beyond here folks and show 'em what we're made of!! 

So, ironically, I went NICE! 

I was thinking, how could I go above and beyond? So sickly sweet to make one gag? Well, why not stick a whole bunch of lovely LOVE sentiments on one card and make it go over-the-top... So that's what I did! 

All of the sentiments are from the Technique Tuesday set: Cloud 9. I used almost every sentiment in the set and embossed it with white embossing powder. THEN, I had some fun with various sprays!! The water droplets were done by first drying the coloured piece, then dropping plain water on the paper. Let it sit for a couple seconds then press paper towel into the paper. Voila, water droplets!! 

I had so much fun I made two:

I am SO into purple/mint right now.... What is it about those two colours? I just love them! 

I did something a little different with this card: after I sprayed and dried the paper I dipped a watercolor brush right into the spray bottles and painted in some of enclosed areas of the sentiments/hearts: 

It gave the words some extra *pop* once the colours dried... 

Head over to the Naughty Or Nice blog for more details! Thanks for popping by! 

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