Live Less Out Of Habit

I am not a "Resolution" maker, but I do spend a lot of time
at the end of each year trying to "sum it up." 

This year sucked. 

I had one of the most heart-breaking experiences I've ever had to endure happen (a 3-month leave of absence from work for something I still can't talk about), THEN I got laid off... I loved my school, loved my kids, it was the end of the world for me... 

But because of those events it forced my hubby and I to look at something we always thought of as a "way down the road" plan immediately: working abroad. And well... Here we are 4 months into our teaching positions in China and absolutely loving it. There are parts of being here that aren't great, but there are so many wonderful things, so my goals for 2015 are to keep these good experiences going and not look back. 

Habits. They say they die hard. 
I have some horrible habits: sleeping in, napping when I get home from school, not making a lunch in the morning... These all add up to me not being efficient and leading a full day. I want to change that so I put it in writing... 

I started off this page by wanting to use a new stencil from Donna Downey and it
ended up here... 

Little touches of Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold warm up the cool palette. 
And some real gold too... 

Do you make resolutions?
What are they?

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