Holy Unscheduled Blog Break, Batman!

There are a few factors that lead to my lack of blog posts since moving to China: 
  1. Blogs are illegal in China. Blogs are for talking about whatever you want... China hates that. 
  2. Internet is incredibly slow because China literally monitors every piece of information going in and out of the country, including pictures of my measly cards... Ex. there are approx. 80 internet nodes leaving the USA. If the CIA or whatever wants to monitor the traffic it's a huge job. China has THREE nodes!! Three for 1.7 billion people. This is the problem... 
  3. I must use a VPN that tricks the crazy China people into thinking I am in a different country where I have rights and freedoms... This slows the internet down further. 
  4. Our days are incredibly long here and I am physically exhausted every evening when I crawl through the door after 6pm. I am teaching singing/musical theatre all day and it is very physical and I don't get "down time". It's hard to be creative when you want to die. 
I still create on weekends and on nights when I have some mysterious mojo flowing, but really, the musical I'm directing (Addams Family) is taking everything I got right now..

I am still creating with the kids at school, though! I have a craft club and we have a table for our "Arts Festival Carnival" on Thursday and I'm excited about our offerings: 

First, an altered picture frame

I used an Ikea frame and DecoArt Chalk paints.. A tutorial is coming shortly!! 

Next, a Pinterest-inspired project that was very enjoyable!

Unfortunately I only had grey yarn for the pompoms, but it was cool to show the girls how to make these pens from scratch, and I think they turned out very well!! 

And lastly, Watercolour Mugs! Another Pinterest-inspired project.. 

The one on the left is mine, the one on the right is my husbands!! So easy a man can do it, hahahaha... 

I've got some other projects ready to share this week. 
Thanks for your patience, if you're still reading this!
I really am sorry for being such a bad blogger... 


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