Bluebells - Greenhouse Society Stamp Set

The school year is very late this year - June 29th is my last day and MAN time is going slow... 
Pretty soon I'll be flying back to Canada to see my son again and spend time with friends and family. 

In the meantime, I've been plugging away at my craft desk, filling orders and getting some last-minute design work done... Check out today's card: 

This is all watercolor goodness from the background (created with Prima watercolor resist paper) and the image colored with Zig Clean Color Brush Markers. 

That green (chartreuse) is VIVID, isn't it??? It's like BAM! And that's the thing I love about these markers- they don't get dull when you add water, they stay so bright and saturated.. Lovely to work with. 

This stamp is this month's Greenhouse Society Stamp set! 

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