Traveller's Journal - SRM

Hi there, it's Tobi here with a DIY planner using a traveller's journal and of course, SRM stamps. 

Here are some things that have added up to my current planner situation:

~ I've tried the planner thing... I don't get it, OR I'm not good at it. 

~ I've recently gotten into hand lettering and have started to collect journals to practice in. 

~ I had a very stressful month and kept a notebook of everything i had to remember and keep track of and it really worked for me. 

So, because of these factors, I thought i would continue with the notebook/hand-lettering/journal format, but organize it a little better using various stamps and supplies. 

So I've got my day divided into three zones: 
1) School (I'm a teacher)
2) After school - which includes clubs and rehearsals/performances
3) dinner (we have meal-plans)

As much as I can, I try to fill in the spots using bounce lettering (the style of calligraphy I am working on) so I can practice as many letter combos as possible. 

Here's a mostly blank page so you can see how it looks before I fill it out:

Thanks for stopping by, I hope this was inspiring! 


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