Summer Travels 2018


1 week of school is done and it kicked my butt... I am still feeling a little behind, but that's ok. I am enjoying being back, being busy, and creating music with my kids again! 

This summer was busy-busy. 
I think it's always going to be like that because 1) I have 2 months off every year, and 2) I don't have a "home" in Canada anymore. So in order to not over-stay my welcome while couch-surfing, I am always on the move.... 

This summer took us to 


We were treated to clean air, blue skies, great friends, and delicious food!!

 I also got started on THE MOST PAINFUL tattoo of my life! 
I don't know why it was so painful, but it nearly killed me... haha... 
Legs hurt! 


Deep dish pizza at Giordano's

Architecture River Cruise

We went to Chicago to see HAMILTON, the musical. 
It was AMAZING!! I want to see it again, ASAP!


Toronto was mostly about good hangs with my highschool BFF. We hung out, did a little shopping, and mostly just CHILLED! 


Once again, this destination was about good friends! But I also enjoyed some authentic, French-Canadian Poutine!! (Fries, gravy, and cheese curds... OMG)


My parents live in Sask. and it's always a bonus to see some seriously good storms... 


catch a glimpse of galaxies and the occasional northern lights.
Saskatchewan is a photographer's dream!

Back to Vancouver: 

If you're interested in keeping up with me and my travels in "real-time",

I am very, very lucky to have a job that gives me 15-16 weeks of vacation every year, and being that I live in China, I live near some very cool destinations!! 

Up next: Bangkok in October, and Bali in December. I can't wait!!  

Thanks for joining me on this little vacay recap! 

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