Turning 29 (Last year)

I have a real problem with scrapbooking the events in my life when they happen. More often than not the pictures just sit on my computer and i forget about them until god knows when. To my surprise I had this picture developed, and it was of my birthday dinner when i turned 29 in 2006. I remember everyone telling me "oh... so this is your last birthday, eh?" (cause i'm canadian and everyone says eh), but i didn't get it. Someone was nice enough to explain to me that many women would like to stay 29 their whole lives, and 29 remains an age they conveniently hover over for many years. Now that i'm 30 it's not a big deal that I'm not in my 20's. I hated them. Weird awkward life, living with parents, going to school with no money... no thankyou. I'll take my 30's any day. I cased this layout from Kristina Werner (starofmay), and it will be for an upcoming class called "Do-it-Yourself" based on sketches at Precious Memories. I find pages that are easy to copy layout-wise, and allow the class to pick their own paper and follow the sketch.

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  1. Great layout! I agree being 30+is not that bad a deal! You know who you are then! :) Congrats on your new blog...looks great! Especially love your banner! Good luck with it!

  2. Yeah for the blog and yeah for being 30! As far as I'm concerned, it only gets better!!

    Love the layout Tobi and that idea for a class wth the sketch!

  3. Welcome to the blog world Tobi! :D


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