My little tree...

Do you remember this tree I made last year? Well I've barely seen it since I've posted it because this tree is in the current "Holiday Cards and More" issue from Papercrafts, and a couple days after I got it back from them they wanted it back because they were doing this TV piece.. My little blue tree is directly on the left of the featured tree in the segement. I'll be glad to have it home again!

Here's the segment:
*PS. If you're in a google reader you'll have to go to my blog to see the video!

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  1. Congratulations Tobi
    You've got some great creative
    juices! Love your cards too!

  2. This is from where I live! Great tree.

  3. Shut up Tobi! That is so cool. I am looking at your gorgeous tree in my magazine right now! And loved the video. How fun.

    Also...your VSN cards are stunning!!!!!

  4. Congrats Tobi! Your tree is gorgeous as are the others on that segment. I hope your tree makes it home safely.

  5. That is sooo cool! I'll be sure to check out the mag too- congrats!!!


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