Elzybells Flashbacks Day 2

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Now for today's post! More of my favourite Elzybells cards.This card makes me sad because I have lost this stamp. A couple of my stamps have grown legs and taken off, it seems, and I haven't seen them since the move. I just love this stamp, and this card really made me happy, 'cause I don't usually make, or like making baby cards... 

I will keep looking, but I've searched high and low. I will just order another one I guess.. But I really did love this card...


And here's the last of the flashbacks, an old card I made when I first got on the Design Team. I love the colours and the paper peicing!

Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane, now go check out the other ladies' posts! 

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  1. Hi Tobi, Isn't it sooo frustrating when you lose a stamp? I'm good at losing stuff on just my desk - I don't know if I would cope though with losing a favourite stamp. Anyway, your baby card is GORGEOUS - it's so nice to see non-traditional colours for a baby card even though I love the pastel colours. I have to make quite a few baby cards and you have inspired me to try something a little different.

  2. The best way to find your MIA stamp is to order a new one. You know that it will show up as soon as the new one is in the mailbox!! :) Great card!

  3. Beautiful cards! I never would've thought to use this Bella Rose paper for baby cards, but I LOVE it!! It really looks so soft and pretty. Great job :)


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