Make your own art: a tutorial

Remember my trip to the Ketto store? One of the treasures I bought was a HUGE greeting card that I immediately envisioned as a piece of art hanging in my house somewhere. I will take you through the process of how I made the card into a work of art!
Here's the card on a canvas. 11x9
 I glued it to the canvas using Zip Dry adhesive. That stuff is da bomb!! 

the supplies I used to make the rest of the project:
Paint Dabber for sponged edges
Making Memories paint and sponge for larger areas (like the sides)
Golden Gel Medium and spatula (to make it shiny)
I painted around the picture and on the canvas using the dabber and sponge applicators. Notice how the picture is matte and the paint is drying matte, this is why I have the gel medium. I love shiny pictures. The colours are a lot richer so....

Wait till the black paint is COMPLETELY dry before you start to add the gel medium. Black streaks will not look good.. 
Start blobbing it on and spreading with the spatula.  When it's wet it's white, but it dries clear. The coolest thing about this stuff is that it keeps its form. ie, when you spread it on and it has all kinds of texture, it keeps that texture. So if you want it smooth, you have to make it really smooth before it starts to dry. I like mine all bumpy like oil paint so it looked like this:

 Because it's water-based it warped the picture, but once it dried it pretty much smoothed out. 
Let it dry for however many hours it takes. I left mine over-night. 
Close-up of the texture:
And finished product:
Isn't it awesome?!? It's going in my kitchen, I just don't know where yet.... 
Take care!

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  1. That is COOL. I agree, the 'blobby' texture on top adds a lot.


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