I have mentioned that I have been visiting scrapbook stores as we trek across Canada. It's almost like a quest. We will arrive in a new city at night, I will sit down with my computer and type: Scrapbook store *Quebec City (or wherever I am..) and I will usually get a bunch of hits. Today's discovery was unexpected. I was shopping in Quebec City in "Upper Town" and I came across this cute jewelery store where I immediately noticed  she had some Ketto magnets and a few other things and I gasped! I was like, "is Ketto in Quebec City??" and the girl said yes, it's just down the road!! I had my new quest, and these are my findings.. (If you are wondering "Who is Ketto??" it is a line of t-shirts, jewelery, mugs, dishes etc etc that are hand painted, and the images were recently transformed into rubber stamps in conjuction with Stamping Bella. I have a bunch of Kettos and I love them.)

So CUTE. And that's just the outside. 

Her stoop. Mosaic tiles.. I want that!!

Look at all those coffee cups!

Wouldn't it be fun to have a whole set of Ketto dishes? 

I bought that soap dispenser!

 If I wasn't driving 10 000 more kilometers I swear I would have bought a set of these!

And some of these!
Are you jealous?? I love this store, and will miss it dearly..

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  1. OMG, I will see how far this actually is from Toronto!! I have been wanting to go since Emily introduced us to them!! Your pics are AWESOME, thanks so much!!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing, that store is so cute!!!! i love the outside!
    Now if only i can find a way there..hmmm
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday

  3. I was at their store last week and had to buy a few things for myself. Been there a couple of times (I live in the Montreal area) and next time I am in Quebec city I will visit this store again. The young woman said that they will soon be remodeling the inside of the store. They're always coming out with new designs.


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