Our "pre-honeymoon" activities!

Ian and I went to Seattle after our wedding for a practice honeymoon (that's what I like to call it anyway) but really, it was a chance to hang out with my friend and bridesmaid more before she went back to Ontario, and also visit with her parents.. I had to hit a few prime stamping destinations while I was there ofcourse, namely:

The amuse retail store!!! I bought a *few* things while I was there. And I stopped in at:

Impress rubber stamps which is also based in Seattle. I had fun browsing a store of mostly rubber stamps. It's overwhelming, even for a stamp-lover like me!

We did most of our shopping at University Village, and if you've been to Seattle, but have never gone to "U-village" you HAVE TO GO!!

 (make-up stores like Sephora and MAC)

 cool shoe stores

Novelty stores (this magnet suits me to a "T")

and lovely places to rest

"Just how long CAN she shop???"
I'll be working on a couple of project over the next few days before we leave on our trip across Canada! So stay tuned!

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  1. I have heard that the Amuse store is fantastic.

    The magnet is also me to a T. My family reunion this year is camping....however I am staying at the lodge in town. Haha.

    Across Canada? OMG that is amazing. I would kill to do that. Are you coming through Calgary? You so have a place to stay with me!!!!!

    Wedding Pics??? Pleeeze?

  2. How fun, Tobi! Looks like a fabulous little trip you took! Enjoy that trip across Canada!!!

  3. Congratulations! Have a fantastic honeymoon across Canada. Let me know if you're stopping in Toronto and I'll let you know where all the stamping stores are! :D


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