A couple wedding pics

 A couple of wedding pics have surfaced on Facebook, so I thought I would share some, since some of you have been asking. We won't have the professional shots for about 6 weeks, so we are relying on friends and family for some sneak peaks of how it all looked!
This is me, my bro (who was in my wedding party) and my sister. 
So you all remember the Martha Stewart cover that inspired this card, and then inspired my student to make that card for me etc etc etc...  Well we got that exact wedding cake!!! And I'm not saying this just because it was my cake, it was the best cake I've ever had. Chocolate cake with mint icing on the bottom, carrot cake with cream cheese buttercream in the middle, and creme brule cake with hazelnut buttercream on top.

I can't wait to see the professional photos because the wedding party looked SO GREAT. All the guys in full scottish regalia was a real sight. Just breathtaking. Anyway.. I will be making some creations (Jacksonbelle challenges etc.. ), and posting my efforts in the next couple days, so stay tuned for that, also, if you love Daisy D products they are on sale all this week, so check out the prices here!

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