Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My "God" picture..

I hope i won't lose readers because of this, but I just gotta be me.. I am responding to readers comments on my "I call this 'God'" post, I hope you will continue to read my blog because of my papercrafts/photography/general contribution in our craft world.. but i just gotta say:
i won't ever believe in god.. i've been there, tried that, and i'm a fact-based person. i believe in science.. i believe in carbon-dating, evolution and the big bang theory. I know there are Christians that believe all of that AND believe in God too, but I just don't.

i called that picture "GOD" because as Char eluded to, it's the stereotypical scene movie and tv-makers use when "God" speaks to them. (think "Touched by an Angel..)

I think along the lines of what Oprah talks about. Positive thinking, karma, being kind to people and our earth, and living this life to the fullest because this is all i've got. I've got an amazing child, career, fiance and invigorating hobbies because I have persevered in my trials/tribulations ie: sexual abuse by a family friend for many years as an infant/toddler, discovery that I was going to be a single mother when I found out I was pregnant (the guy said, and I quote, "you're on your own,") and various battles with weight, eating disorders and general life crap...

Please know that I accept all people's personal freedom of choice. It's wonderful that we live in a society that affords us this freedom, and my PERSONAL CHOICE, is to live my life as I choose. I don't judge people for believing or not believing in God, being gay, being straight, being single their whole lives, being black/white/asian/indian etc etc... what I DO judge people for, however, is not being true to themselves.. I live my life with integrity and love, and I hope you will accept that, because I accept you.

Love, Tobi

The cutest thing you've EVER seen..

Why have I not posted a card the past couple 'a days??

Because of this face....
And this face....
And henceforth have been doing a lot of this:
FYI: she's a border collie and BOSTON TERRIER cross, but as you can see looks more like a collie. Her name is "Kitara" and is an angel/devil.. hahaha

Saturday, August 23, 2008

VSN= Virtual Stamp Night!

I try to participate in SCS's Virtual Stamp Night which basically consists of challenges being posted every hour on friday and saturday night. These are the two I made last night, and I hope to make more tonight when I get home from watching my dad race (he's a drag racer....)

This was a challenge to use twine:
And this was a challenge related to the story "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?"
Isn't he CUTE!! (And gross at the same time?!?!)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I call this "God"

I threw my point-and-shoot camera in my purse as an after-thought on my day trip to the hot springs and this was what lay before us on our journey home. I kept saying to my fiance "LOOK! It's GOD!!" so finally I pulled over for a couple shots.. If you know me you know I don't believe in God, but when you look at something like this, it really fills you with this awesome all-encompassing feeling of gratitude.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Downloaded some Patterned Paper!

This is the first time I've downloaded from Becky Oehler's blog, and it won't be the last! She creates these "patterned paper" designs and you download and print them out on whatever paper you want! I chose to print them on plain white by Prism.

You can find her papers here.

It's been a while since I've made a layered card like this. I forgot how much paper you use! This is also a CPS sketch, i just layered it x10! haha

The colors are brown, cool caribbean and white. Stamps, by CHF ofcourse! Here's the full-size and inside:

This card is for the color challenge at SCS. I subbed a couple colours for the new in-colors (pink pirouette, and riding hood red) so I could use the new Designer papers.. LOVE the shabby chic look.

Stamps are Papertreyink.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Just a quick post before I leave for Harrison Hot Springs here in Beautiful BC. It's a 1.5 hour drive, and we're only going up for the day, but I'm looking forward to some sun and water after our rain-out camping trip last weekend.

I took this photo on my PHONE! when we went skiing with the fam this winter.

Paper: Around the block, Creative Imaginations, kraft; Stamps: Imaginisce; Ink: Versamark; Accessories: Thickers (American Crafts), transparency accent (MME), foam squares, edge scraper, staples. 

These cards were made on said rain-out camping trip because I was smart and brought back-up activities.. HA! My fiance, however, took out my PAPER CUTTER in effort to pack my bag and it was left at home. I didn't do layers etc because all cutting was done with an EXACTO KNIFE. That's right. I was card-making in the 80's. I played with the new In-colors and love them! They coordinate perfectly with Basic Grey "Cupcake" and I know i'll be using them together again. (See where I used the PP? The scallops...)

Supplies: Paper: Pacific Point, Riding Hood Red, Fabriano Mediovalis Card, Basic Grey Cupcake; Stamps: Lizzie Anne; Ink: Versamark, Ranger (Lamp Black); Ribbon (may arts), Marvy Punch, Sakura Gel Pen, Copic Markers. 

*** Do you find it hard to "be yourself" when you write? I read a lot of blogs, and there are many of you who can express yourself in such a way that I can get a sense of what you're like: funny, smart, shy etc.. I feel like I can't do that with words and it's SO frustrating.. I feel like I come off boring and not-funny, when really I'm boring and FUNNY.. just kidding. I'm not funny. I mean, I'm not boring.. anyway.. how can I show my true self through word?? It's a life-long quest.. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Quick card, Quick Post

Thought I would share this card:
Stamps: cornish heritage farms
Paper: amuse note-card, bazzil, papertrey
Ink: ranger (lamp black)
Accessories: copic markers, amuse ribbon, nestabilities

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How do YOU subscribe??

This is aimed at all you email subscribers out there, but I also wanted to introduce google reader to you who are not happy with how you read your many blogs. (And if you're like me, there are MANY!!!)

I use google reader, and I love it. I used to subscribe using emails but I was tired of getting too many emails cluttering up my inbox. I had heard about a Blog reader, and ever since that day I've been addicted to my google reader..

1) sign up here: ( I know there are other readers out there, but I THINK this is the most popular, and it's the one I use...)

2) If you have a blog or gmail account you simply sign in, if not, you have to sign up for a reader using your email. (you won't get alerts, it's just a way to sign in)

3)You are ready to add subscriptions! Simply go to your favourite blogs and copy their web addy (click on the address bar and press Ctrl C), go to your reader, press the ADD SUBSCRIPTIONS button, and paste the address! (Ctrl V).

4) You can view the person's new posts right from the reader. No need to go to each individuals web site. This cuts WAY down on your reading time, and enables you to keep up with more of your fav' blogs. (I will sometimes go to their blog, to comment etc by either clicking the title of the blog post (that will bring you to that post only) or I click on the title of the blog, and that will bring you to their home page!

5) Something to watch out for: not all blog authors allow you to read the whole post from a reader... They will let you read 3-4 lines, then you have to go to their actual blog to read the rest. I don't subscribe to those blogs simply because I have almost 100 blogs I subscribe to and can't possibly click on every one to read them, but you make the choice!!

6) Updated blogs will appear in bold and list how many new posts there are beside the title. I usually have my reader set to Show: Updated (right under add a subscription), but sometimes I will show:all if i want to read someone's older blog post.

If you have ANY questions, post a comment. Otherwise, PLEASE try the reader out. I love it. (P.S. I won't get offended if you unsubscribe to my email updates.. I'm doing this tutorial for you guys to make your lives easier!!) Hope you like it!!

*** Edited to add: Nancy left me a comment and taught me a new trick with google reader! Go to settings, then goodies, and drag the "NEXT" box to your shortcut bar or your bookmarks etc.. All you have to do is click it and it will bring you to the next unread blog you have in your reader. (It brings you to the actual blog, how cool?!?) Thanx nancy!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Copic Airbrushed Cloud Tutorial (FINALLY!)

So here's how I do my clouds... It works for me, so hopefully it will work for you..

1) I start by stamping my image on good quality paper. (I used papertrey)

2) Stamp main image on a post-it, cut it out, and cover image so it stays white. (Basic mask technique)

3) Using post-its again, draw some cloud shapes and cut them out. I always cut at least one of the clouds as a reverse mask (see step 5) so i get a couple of different levels.

4) Airbrush your base sky colour. Don't make it perfectly even, you want some texture (bare spots, spots with a little more blue etc...)

5) Using different shades of blue, start to lightly airbrush using your cloud masks.

6) Don't forget to overlap your clouds, and use lots of different blues. This step is how i get white clouds. if you put the basic cloud mask down, and spray with your lightest blue colour, you'll create a subtle wash colour for the sky, but when you lift up the mask it's white!

7) Place a couple of your cloud shapes off the paper. And keep layering, layering, layering...

8) I'm finished the clouds! Pull off the mask of your image and colour away.

Stamps: inque boutique, amuse, sunshine designs
Paper: k&co, papertrey, bazzil
Ink: ranger (lamp black)
Accessories: copic markers and airbrush system, MME bling, stickles

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Best Friend's wedding

My best friend (the groom on the left) got married on Sunday, and maybe you can tell by the photos below, but it was GRAND! Wowee it was beautiful as can be. I was in the wedding party and crying my eyes out the whole time....

the wedding party got to chose our own dresses, so long as they were black and white, and in a '50's style. We turned heads that day, boy. What a feeling!

The cake was chocolate with a strawberry flavoured icing, and fondant, ofcourse.. I don't usually like fondant cakes, but this was delish!!

Me and my buddy....

I hope my wedding next year will be as beautiful and perfect as theirs!

I wish you all love and happiness!!!


Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Thoughts

I went shopping again (for a teacher who's not working right now I seem to be doing that a lot lately...) and I picked up these pre-folded clear cards by Hero Arts, and a stamp set by Inque Boutique! I've heard about them, but never tried them.. The jury is still out whether I like them or not, but I'll just have to use them more.

I stamped on the transparency with Palette ink in "new canvas" and let it dry thoroughly before handling. The rectangles are cut out with Nestabilities and the cuttlebug. After colouring the butterfly/sky I covered the swirls with stickles...

Now tell me. Did I fulfill today's limited supply challenge by making a card that would make someone happy? I don't know about you, but receiving a clear card would be a thrill for me, for sure!

It's going to be a busy weekend (BF's wedding) so I probably won't post, but for all you Canadian readers, have a great long weekend, and be safe.

Stamps: sunshine designs (Butterfly), inque boutique (flourishes)
Paper: Hero Arts clear card, bazzil, Basic Grey, papertrey ink
Ink: palette; new canvas(on transparency), palette (burnt umber)
Accessories: prima, ribbon, nestabilities, copic markers, stickles