My "God" picture..

I hope i won't lose readers because of this, but I just gotta be me.. I am responding to readers comments on my "I call this 'God'" post, I hope you will continue to read my blog because of my papercrafts/photography/general contribution in our craft world.. but i just gotta say:
i won't ever believe in god.. i've been there, tried that, and i'm a fact-based person. i believe in science.. i believe in carbon-dating, evolution and the big bang theory. I know there are Christians that believe all of that AND believe in God too, but I just don't.

i called that picture "GOD" because as Char eluded to, it's the stereotypical scene movie and tv-makers use when "God" speaks to them. (think "Touched by an Angel..)

I think along the lines of what Oprah talks about. Positive thinking, karma, being kind to people and our earth, and living this life to the fullest because this is all i've got. I've got an amazing child, career, fiance and invigorating hobbies because I have persevered in my trials/tribulations ie: sexual abuse by a family friend for many years as an infant/toddler, discovery that I was going to be a single mother when I found out I was pregnant (the guy said, and I quote, "you're on your own,") and various battles with weight, eating disorders and general life crap...

Please know that I accept all people's personal freedom of choice. It's wonderful that we live in a society that affords us this freedom, and my PERSONAL CHOICE, is to live my life as I choose. I don't judge people for believing or not believing in God, being gay, being straight, being single their whole lives, being black/white/asian/indian etc etc... what I DO judge people for, however, is not being true to themselves.. I live my life with integrity and love, and I hope you will accept that, because I accept you.

Love, Tobi

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