How do YOU subscribe??

This is aimed at all you email subscribers out there, but I also wanted to introduce google reader to you who are not happy with how you read your many blogs. (And if you're like me, there are MANY!!!)

I use google reader, and I love it. I used to subscribe using emails but I was tired of getting too many emails cluttering up my inbox. I had heard about a Blog reader, and ever since that day I've been addicted to my google reader..

1) sign up here: ( I know there are other readers out there, but I THINK this is the most popular, and it's the one I use...)

2) If you have a blog or gmail account you simply sign in, if not, you have to sign up for a reader using your email. (you won't get alerts, it's just a way to sign in)

3)You are ready to add subscriptions! Simply go to your favourite blogs and copy their web addy (click on the address bar and press Ctrl C), go to your reader, press the ADD SUBSCRIPTIONS button, and paste the address! (Ctrl V).

4) You can view the person's new posts right from the reader. No need to go to each individuals web site. This cuts WAY down on your reading time, and enables you to keep up with more of your fav' blogs. (I will sometimes go to their blog, to comment etc by either clicking the title of the blog post (that will bring you to that post only) or I click on the title of the blog, and that will bring you to their home page!

5) Something to watch out for: not all blog authors allow you to read the whole post from a reader... They will let you read 3-4 lines, then you have to go to their actual blog to read the rest. I don't subscribe to those blogs simply because I have almost 100 blogs I subscribe to and can't possibly click on every one to read them, but you make the choice!!

6) Updated blogs will appear in bold and list how many new posts there are beside the title. I usually have my reader set to Show: Updated (right under add a subscription), but sometimes I will show:all if i want to read someone's older blog post.

If you have ANY questions, post a comment. Otherwise, PLEASE try the reader out. I love it. (P.S. I won't get offended if you unsubscribe to my email updates.. I'm doing this tutorial for you guys to make your lives easier!!) Hope you like it!!

*** Edited to add: Nancy left me a comment and taught me a new trick with google reader! Go to settings, then goodies, and drag the "NEXT" box to your shortcut bar or your bookmarks etc.. All you have to do is click it and it will bring you to the next unread blog you have in your reader. (It brings you to the actual blog, how cool?!?) Thanx nancy!

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