The cutest thing you've EVER seen..

Why have I not posted a card the past couple 'a days??

Because of this face....
And this face....
And henceforth have been doing a lot of this:
FYI: she's a border collie and BOSTON TERRIER cross, but as you can see looks more like a collie. Her name is "Kitara" and is an angel/devil.. hahaha

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  1. What a sweet and beautiful baby! Congratulations!!!

  2. Who in this human world could resist that face? I could kiss that little face off!! What a gorgeous baby!! Congratulations!!

  3. oh no! adorable and cute aren't the right words........

    she is going to be ruling your life for many many years with those big ole eyes with their 'I am innocent and you will love me no matter what I do' look!

    Enjoy her.

  4. I would let that adorable little face keep my from crafting! WOWIE - too cute!

  5. i would have not done anything either if this is starring at me =)
    too cute!


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