Elzybells Sneak Peek Day 1

This is the first day of my last sneak peek with Elzybells. :( It's been a really fun year and I've learned so much from the other DT gals. 5 girls will be continuing their assignment, and I will be enjoying the Elzybells as a customer now! Elizabeth has been a great "boss" and I hope her company continues to flourish. (I'm especially hoping it will flourish in North America VERY soon, haha...)

Here's my first card:

He's really pasty-white, but I don't have a tan skin colour that isn't brown-looking. So white he is. It's his first day out boarding, ok?? I used Koh-I-Noor and Derwent pencils with Gamsol. Here's how I store the Gamsol for use with my crafting:

I found the container I bought the Gamsol in was very messy when I tried to pour it in my tea-light holder which I use as my "dish" so I found an extra M.A.C. (makeup) bottle hanging around and voila! They have a flip-top and small hole on the top so now I have no more messy, stinky spills. Most M.A.C. stores have the bottles shown and they're fairly inexpensive, but any travel-size bottle would do.

Check out the rest of the DT:

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  1. he's so cool, even if he is a little pastey!!! ha! great coloring!

  2. Tobi, pale he may be but the card is wonderfully done!

  3. CUTE!!! Love it all...white skin and all, that is what I look like at the beach...or bright red! ;)

  4. Great card Tobi, I love how you have stamped and coloured directly onto the kraft card and that is what I look like too - put me near milk and you can't see me, I disappear!! x

  5. Gorgeous colouring Tobi, this is amazing!!


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