Honeymoon Day 12

Thought I would share some highlights with you! It's been a good trip so far, EXCEPT for all those dang thunderstorms that keep following us through the mid-west and into Canada. We're done with the rain, thanx!

Click on any of the pics to see them larger!

Banff, Alberta
 Drumheller, Alberta

Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota (and my first trip to an Archiver's.. It was alright...)
 Chicago, Illinois

Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago

There was a Harry Potter exhibit at the Chicago museum with REAL props and clothes from all the movies. This was the only thing we were allowed to take a picture of.. 

 Niagara Falls, Ontario
I'm telling you from experience, the humidity at the falls wreaks havoc on naturally curly hair. WOWZA!
 Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, Ontario
We are now in Quebec City, and I hope to take some really great shots of this ancient (ancient in Canada anyway) city. 
Here's a map of our trip so far.. Crazy eh? 7500 kms, (4600 miles!). 
If you have any questions about the cities we've visited, please don't hesitate to ask. We've had some great times. 
Next we're off to the east coast of Canada hitting: Moncton, Cape Breton Island, St, Andrew's by-the-sea, Boston, and then back home through the states. Talk to you soon!!

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  1. Wow Tobi- amazing trip- what a way to do a honeymoon!! Love the pics so far - Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. Wow..........what a holiday. Wave when you go by...............LOL. I am an hour from Moncton. Enjoy!!!!

  3. I'm originally from Amherst, NS. You'll drive through it on your way into Nova Scotia from Moncton (it's only 30 minutes away). My sister in law owns a restraunt called Cinders they have free wifi.... and the food's not bad, and you get lots. Victoria street has beautiful OLD houses and churches if you have a second to stop into town on your way through to cape breton.

  4. ooh, what a fab honeymoon, looks like you're having a lot of fun!!

    much love,

  5. If I'd known you were in CALGARY, I'd have met you for a fabo cuppa joe!!!!


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