I love being a teacher

Why? Because every day there is a new adventure.
Here's a story:
I have a couple boys who are in Senior Concert Band (and one is also in all of my choirs) who like to comment on my blog, and make threats that they are going to crash one of my classes I teach at my LSS, and I always say that it would be *AWESOME* if they came out for one. Every couple of days they will come in to the band room and comment on something I've said, or did on my blog, and we'll laugh and that's it... WELL.. On friday (when as a school we celebrated Valentine's Day) my one student, we'll call him, "J" says, "Ms. Crawford, I have something for you after class, ok?" and I'm thinking it's another package of chocolates or something I'll have to give away (because I'm on Atkins)... After class the band is packing up their chairs and stands and I'm chatting with kids and "J" walks up with an envelope. It's a card. And suddenly it hits me, "J" posed as his mother commenting on my blog wanting to borrow the punch I made this card with:

I start opening the card and I'm saying to myself "no... no way did he make that. NO WAY," but ladies let me tell you, HE MADE THIS CARD:

Like, HUH?!?! I was so touched, and astounded that he would do this for me. And isn't it great?? I guess his mom went to Michaels and bought the MS punch for him after all. This is my favourite part:

Coke patterned paper!! What a guy... THANKYOU "J"!
Now if only you'd practice your trumpet... hahaha

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