iSpy a Goodbye

Doesn't it suck when your real life gets in the way of your craft life? I joke, but for so many of us the demands of children/work/family/friends doesn't allow for as much craft time as we'd like, and the truth is we have to keep our priorities our priority! You know? Kim Teasdale was the mastermind behind iSpy Sketches and it has been a pleasure and an honour to work with the sketches she compiled and with the ladies who I designed with. Kim has had to close iSpy Sketches and none of the team was in a position to take it over (it's a LOT of work!!) so sadly our little foray into the challenge world is over.

This has been a really creative and fruitful experience. I have made a lot of cards with the wonderful iSpy Sketches and here's my favourite iSpy card from this past year:

I just love that you never know how a card is going to turn out - even when you use a sketch...

*sniff sniff*

Thank you for all of your comments and for playing along with us this year! It made me so happy to see people play along with our team.

Take care!

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