It's Crazy Around Here!

Phew! Every blog that I've been reading for the last couple of days have mentioned that IT'S DECEMBER ALREADY!! Yah.. Holy crap! I have my first Christmas concert on Thursday and 4 more after that. My kids and I will be very busy over the next couple of weeks, for sure. But to add to the business I have had a lot of designing to do over the weekend because, as you may know, I teach classes at my LSS and I had a deadline! I have a little sneak peek for you. I think it's my favourite card of the bunch (I made 13 cards for 3 different classes).

I went to town with some gorgeous Pink Paislee products and some dies. I can't wait to teach this class - lots of sparkly elements and lots of sass...

Another thing that's kept me busy?? Our beautiful tree:

It's my first monochromatic quasi-grownup tree and I'm really happy with it! Phoenix and I had a lot of fun putting up all of our new decorations!

Check you later!

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  1. love the card, and the tree looks great!

  2. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the card...never seen those buuterflies before.
    Love your tree too so gorgeous!

  3. GORGEOUS card, Tobi!

  4. I love how you showcased that gorgeous butterfly. Beautiful card!
    Hugs and smiles


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