Friendship Bracelet

Hi there! It's Tobi Crawford here and today I'm sharing a project on The Twinery Blog I've had in my head for a few days now. I don't know about you, but when I was younger I made a lot of friendship bracelets. I had a little organizers with all of my embroidery floss in perfect order (ROY. G. BIV of course) and I would sit and watch TV while I worked on my next project. It's funny but I commented on Instagram the other day that making a friendship bracelet was like riding a bike - I guess I did it so much that my body held on to the muscle-memory from 25+ years ago... Weird!!

I've also had these colours on the brain, so I pulled out: Solid Mandarin, Solid Carribean, Solid Cappuccino, Solid Charcoal, Solid Marigold, and Solid Natural. I did a simple stripe design, but there are literally hundreds of designs to choose from if you're wanting to be adventurous! (I always stuck with the basics, though!)


So this was my plan: find the perfect sentiment/image to go with my work in progress, get the bracelet started and then the recipient can finish it with the leftover twine:
(I loosely wrapped the remainder around the base layer for easy removal...)

I think it's neat that once my friend receives this card and finishes the bracelet it will be like this cool, collaborative, bonding thing we'll share and hopefully when she wears it she'll think of me! (I'm moving away soon so I'm finding myself a little sappy, lol...)
Thanks for joining me today, and hey, why don't you try dusting off those knot-making skills... I'd love to see your projects!

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