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 The excitement continues as conclude our grand tour of amazing artists playing with Stampendous, DecoArt, and Princeton Artist Brushes via inspired by Willow Wolfe products! The inspiration has been amazing, and today you'll be even more astonished! If you missed the beginning of our journey, be sure to go back and check it out! MONDAY - TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY

In preparation for our big move I've decided to do a mini reno of our kitchen. While I was painting the cupboards (Annie Sloan Chalkpaint in French Linen!) I had the bright idea to make one of the cupboards a chalkboard menu... Here she is:

I need some practicing on my chalkboard writing, but this was a project made easy with: 
This shows the progression from beginning, to one coat, to two coats of black. After the black is dry I applied two coats of the clear chalkboard paint. 

Are you wondering about those perfect pears? Aren't I a great artist?! Ha, I wish... Since the pen that I used to write on the board wipes off with water, I figured I could colour onto the stamp, "huff" on it before I stamped and it would work.. I was right!! 

 This way, I can stamp anything I want on the board and all I have to do is wipe away with a wet cloth!! Cool, right?! 

Of course, there are prizes! DecoArt is sending three sets of their Media Fluid Acrylics, Princeton Artist Brushes via inspired by Willow Wolfe is donating Select 3750 Brushes and some Catalyst Wedges, and we'll be adding a Stampendous Creative Palette so you can practice all the techniques you'll see this week. We'll be sending three prize packages to commenters with U.S. Mailing Addresses, and DecoArt will be sending three generous sample packages to international commenters, so all our friends can play.

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Please repin our projects on to your boards and be sure to tag us when you do (#Stampendous, #DecoArt, #PrincetonArtistBrushes, #byWillowWolfe) - we'll be tracking. Your comments on the blogs are your entry into the drawing! AND I have a few bonus goodies hanging around my office for some lucky people who SHARE our Facebook posts and Pinterest Pins! Ready for your trip around the world??? Pack your bags, get a cup of coffee and a kitten, and get comfy. You have until the end of Sunday, June 29 PDT to comment on all the blog posts.

Louise Crosbie (Scotland, UK)

Lea Kimmel (North Carolina, USA)

Claudia Neubacher (Vienna, Austria)

Asia King (Oxford, UK)

Iliane de Fockert (Elly) (Niedersachsen, Germany)

Suzanne Czosek (Illinois, USA)

Julia Stratford-Wright (near London, UK)

Kristine Reynolds (California, USA)

Angelica Stark (Hudiksvall, Sweden)

Mark Gould (West Sussex, UK)

Debbie Cole (California, USA)

Jamie Martin (Oklahoma, USA)

Tobi Crawford (BC, Canada) that's me!

Wendy Price (New Jersey, USA)

Jessa Plant (Arizona, USA)

A few of the bloggers this week are new to hopping, so if you have an issue with any of the links, here's a little tip! If you get a page that says "Sorry that Page is not here" or something similar, try clicking on the header of the blog, or look for something that says Home. The hop page should be near the top of the day's posts. We will fix broken links as the day goes on, as well, so check back here if you are really lost.

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  1. The writing is great. I use stamped sentiments because my handwriting is terrible.
    great idea to stamp the pears so they are permanent. Love the project - very useful.
    thanks for sharing this week.

  2. What a clever project! That would be way easier then magneting endless amounts of things to my fridge! Thanks for the wonderful idea!!

  3. Love this! Maybe more households should have one of these. It may bring more families together for dinner! TFS!

  4. Oh, I love this, Tobi! Very clever! Might just have to make my own now! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. What a good idea and fun too. My grandsons would like this, thanks, -con

  6. This is a great piece I sure need something like this at mine

  7. Fun, fun, fun and that is what we need. Thanks so much for taking part in this fantastic week. I am so sad it's over x

  8. What a fabulous idea! Practical, pretty, and perfect. Erin xx

  9. Absolutely brilliant & your wipe off designs mean that you can keep re-inventing the Menu door time & time again. So clever

  10. Great idea and fab writing. the pears just add that finishing touch.

  11. This is a nice project, and i will find a board to make my one. Thanks for sharing!

  12. This is a great project for me because my refrigerator no longer holds magnetic things!! Using the stamps?! SUPER idea!!

  13. This is great and I am so happy to learn that I can use stamps with the chalk paint markers. Very cool.

  14. What a fun project to give the kitchen an extra little pop! Thanks for sharing it!!!

  15. Very clever idea indeed!!! Thanks for this lovely board and project!

  16. Super creative it!!

  17. Love the tip on how you inked up the pears and your Chalkboard is fantastic!

  18. Great project and clever ideas thanks..

  19. That is very cool! Stamp away! Love these pears and your idea to add this to your cabinetry. Thanks for sharing.

    Katie B.

  20. What a great piece of home decor - very cool idea!
    Alison x

  21. Great Job. Love to have a Menu board like this. TFS.

  22. What a clever way to add the pears! I love this board. Thank you for sharing.

  23. It is clever! Thanks for the inspiration.


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