Life Update: Fall of 2017

I don't normally do "life updates" but I have been somewhat reclusive and it's been really quiet around here. 

Firstly, I will say that blogging, crafting, and doing anything beyond having the energy to be a good and competent teacher to my students has taken a back seat. I find the extremely long days here, in addition to the long blocks (each class is 1.5 hours) extremely draining. I have Fibromyalgia which is a horrible disease to deal with on it's own, but add onto that an extremely demanding job - I haven't coped well... 

Secondly, over the summer my Grandma was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, went into the hospital, and 6 weeks later passed away on September 11th.  

I was able to say goodbye to her over the summer, but because of time and budget restraints my family and I made the decision that I wouldn't go back to Canada for the funeral. THANK GOD for technology, because my brother was kind enough to Facetime the entire funeral and I was able to "be there" and have some closure... 

The day after she passed away I commissioned a local tattoo artist to draw this up for me. My Grandma was known for her sprawling gardens (at least two acres of flower and vegetable gardens) and roses were especially dear to her. I am so in love with this art and so glad I made it through the pain!! 

(that part at the bottom is extremely bruised and hurt so bad I cried... A first time for me with tattoo pain!) 

So September sucked!! 

But I was able to take a few days off, cry, mourn, hang out with my son and husband over the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival holiday and create a little art. 

I've gotten into "acrylic pouring" and still can't mix paint like the pros, but I am getting some results I am happy with. The good news: if I ruin a canvas (aka don't like it), I let it dry and pour another one on top!! 

I've also started up a cardmaking club at school! I have enjoyed teaching cardmaking and tags to the young 'uns. Some of them are really excited to learn because they know how expensive this hobby is, and their parents won't pay for supplies (understandably). 

I have been gifted with so many supplies over the years that I am happy to share my excess with those who appreciate it. 

We made this tag the other day. Cool, right? I taught them how to use stencils with paint and they used their knowledge from last week about stamping to finish it off... So happy with how they all turned out. 

I am now looking forward to November. A few performances for my choir are coming up (which is AWESOME this year), and a couple other fun things in the works!!! And then it's Christmas!!!!  

As always, thanks for stopping by, and all the best to you! 

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  1. So sorry to hear about your Grandma but 'hurrah' for technology!
    Hang in there girl.
    BTW good work from your students.

  2. Wow, tough times, Tobi. Glad you're getting your art on again and sharing your skills in both music and paper craft!

    1. Thank you Lindsey. It helps to "lose yourself" in art.... I'm so glad I have it in my life...

  3. So sorry for the rough patch you've been going through. I hope you will find some solace in sharing your art and craftiness with us and your students. Take good care of yourself.

  4. I've been following you for years but seldom comment. Praying for a better Nov!

    1. You're sweet to comment! Thank you for your ongoing support.


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