Poinsettia Tag - Technique Tuesday

Hi, how have you been? 

Long-time-no-see again! I have really slowed down on my crafting because, if I'm being honest with myself, I've really stepped up my teaching game at school and over the last couple of years I've become the Fine Arts department head, lead teacher of Student Council, and really just committed myself to being a better overall teacher to my kids.... 

I used to feel a lot of guilt about putting crafting deadlines and projects/classes ahead of my family and work, and it feels good not to have those commitments in my life any more. 
I am still designing for Technique Tuesday, but not in a formal design-team sort of way, and I'm very thankful they let me play with their stamps and dies! 

This project is a nod to my crafting roots (Copic markers) and new products/trends (Distress Oxide Inks). It's so interesting to watch trends come and go, and the new thing is inking backgrounds instead of patterned paper, I guess. (Not NEW, new, but you KWIM). 

I don't know how many cards or projects I'll get done for Christmas, but this was certainly a good step in the right crafting direction.... 

Another thing that's been happening in my life is: Keto. I actually did Keto 20 years ago when I called it "Atkins" (I never did the high protein thing... just little-to-no-carbs - so essentially Keto) and I lost over 100lbs. What's different now? More resources like Instagram and Pinterest, and also, I just genuinely wanted to lose weight again... it was time... i was feeling it... 

I've been on Keto for three months and I'm doing pretty well! I don't weigh myself because my goal is not a number, it's a feeling, but I can tell you that all of my clothes are feeling pretty damn loose, and that's all the inspiration I need to keep on going... If you're on a similar journey you can join me on my Keto Instagram @tobidoesketo 

Anyhoo.... That's all for now! 

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