One layer cards please me to no end!

Krystie Lee has been making some really cute one layer cards with a rectangle stamp as the "background" and I've been loving the look. I don't have a rectangle stamp (WHY DON'T I HAVE A RECTANGLE STAMP????????) so I used post-its to block off an area to sponge my colour into.. I love how it turned out.

I used some old Buckaroo Blue paper from SU! and a new-to-me set called Pocket Silhouettes (also SU!). The sentiment is Whipper Snapper and the butterfly (my favourite part) is Amy Butler.

I have H1N1 (or just plain SWINE as we call it around here) and it's not fun, but it's not the worst I've felt either. I was afraid I'd die or something, and to my pleasant surprise it feels like the flu!! (it's not pleasant but you know what I mean....) But hopefully I will have some energy to craft tomorrow as I've been forced to take some time off from school. (I miss you guys!!!!)

So keep safe! Wash your hands! And don't jinx yourself by saying "I won't get swine!"

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  1. This is GORGEOUS!!
    and I don't have a rectangle stamp either so your idea is brilliant!!

  2. I too have been admiring Krystie Lees recent creations. And I too, found my self thinking, "rectangle stamp, why don't I have one of those?"

    I've been experimenting with painter's tape (low-tack masking tape)and it's not too bad, but you have to make sure you don't get any ink under the tape.

    Love your card! Might give post it notes a try as well.

    Oh, and get well soon!


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