Life Doesn't Have to be Perfect

As I do more and more mixed media projects I am daring myself to go bigger in scale.. This project is a large canvas (32x24) and the size pushed me out of my comfort zone.

It's one of those pieces that I'll look at over and over wondering if it is indeed done.

For a day or two I thought it was done at this point:

But I decided I didn't like how faint the words were, so I added the black. I also wanted to add another pop of colour in either orange or red, so I added some small touches of it here and there.

I added the circles with a Tim Holtz Distress Paint dabber and the lid. Drag the lid across the dabbler and a voila: a circle stamp! I wrote the words with a white Sharpie. It kinda looks like chalkboard, doesn't it?

So for now it hangs on my wall and I look at it multiple times a day and wonder if it's "done." I think I want to change the shape of the yellow in the background, but that would be nearly impossible without messing up the butterflies. So I guess that will be a "wish" for next time!

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  1. I love your work. This is really nice. What do you use to get your white so white? Did you write them or stamp them & then trace again?

    1. I just write with a white Sharpie pen. It's kind of like paint in that you have to shake it to mix it up and then depress the tip to get it flowing... It's really nice!

  2. That is an awesome piece of work! love the way you kept changing and adding .........

  3. I LOVE it with the black. Oh this is absolutely tremendous Tobi. Love love love it.


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