Little Canvases

A dear crafty friend of mine gave me some vintage papers and I was dying to use them. 

I don't do vintage or used or anything like that, so I was so grateful that she gave me some papers that look like patterned papers I woul buy. I am thinking I might have to step into a thrift store and look for some old dictionaries and maps.. I love 'em!!

These are 4x6 canvases with vintage dictionary and sheet music paper collaged onto the background. 

And these are 5x7 canvases with vintage map paper collaged onto the background. 

Both of them were the same process:
  1. collage paper onto background
  2. paint with white gesso combined with water (watering it down allows the paper to show through)
  3. paint with colours. I focussed the majority of the colour around the outsides. 
  4. mix paint with modelling paste or heavy gel medium and spread over stencils
  5. apply Liquitex inks (acrylic paints in liquid form)
  6. stamp with archival ink
I WILL do a video soon, I just don't have the proper gear so I have to "mickey mouse" something to film it... I WAS going to add a "focal image" to the canvases, but decided I just like the patterns and colours as is! 

Have a wonderful day! 

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