Hey There - The Twinery

Well hey there! Did everyone have a great Thanksgiving??!! It's pretty funny as a Canadian living in China to watch all of the commotion and excitement happen in the US when Thanksgiving (and Black Friday) roll around! Such a fun way to ring in the holidays!!  Well, I challenged myself to make a unique Thank you card. Okay! Unique!! I thought I would approach it from a colour standpoint, and play around with some fun combinations.

  heythere4This all started with the navy cardstock with a little bit of stencilling with white paint. From there, I started grabbing stuff!

  heythere3Nuvo drops are all the rage, and I can see why! You can customize the size and they always dry so smooth and shiny!

The final, quirky touch was the Strawberry Twinery Twine to tie it all together!   heythere2
 The thank you?? It's on the inside!    

    Thanks for stopping by!! 

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