Blog Candy winner, and a personal thank you.

I want to thank each and every one of you for giving me advice about moving.. I used a lot of your tips, and I love the tip that the chose:

Blogger Linda said...

First thing, make up your bed, that way if you are really exhausted, you can leave the unpacking till the next day and just go to bed. Good luck with your move. I moved my craft room by myself so my husband would not bother himself with knowing all of the stuff I have.
Linda Peterson

I did both of these things, and you were right Linda, it was nice to go to bed in a nicely made bed. It was not nice waking up to a mountain of boxes around you though! haha... I then moved all of my stuff in my new craft area, and started to unpack. yay!!

Email me your addy Linda, and I'll get that off to you asap! Hopefully I'll have some crafting time by the end of the week! (For the sake of my sanity at least..)

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