1 Year Later

It was Spring Break a couple of weeks ago and we went to Historic Fort Langley, just like we did last year, went to the hat shop, just like we did last year, and took a picture there, just like we did last year.

This is us now.

This was us a year ago. 
It was a big year for us. Since that picture we got engaged, bought a townhouse, I got my full-time teaching position, we planned our wedding, I found out I have gall stones and need a surgery, Ian had a special surgery that will ensure we don't have more children... hehe.. Too much info maybe, but it's been an exciting year!! 
Oh yah.. We also got a new baby:

I am trying to do more layouts, it just seems I always have deadlines with cardmaking that I have to fulfill. I used a "lollipop" that I made a couple weeks ago, and the colours were based around it.

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