A New Adventure

Even though I'm getting married in exactly one week, and even though I'm going on a month-long honeymoon, I thought it would be really smart to apply for a design team or two... Smart.... NOT!!!!!!!!! But I am super excited to announce that I was asked to be on the Jacksonbelle Embellishments Design team!!!

As I was purusing the other new member's blogs the other day I was humbled.... Look at this lineup. You are sure to add some more blogs to your reader (if you don't already read them...).

Kristine Breach ~ Ink Something
Dawn Easton ~ Treasure Oiler Designz
Stephanie Hargis ~ Steph’s Stampin’ Stuff
Mitzi Koons ~ Stamps Jubilee
Loretta Lock ~ Love to Create
Jimmi Mayo ~  Stamping & Shopping
Bethany Paull ~ It’s Not All Black & White
Michelle Phillipi ~ Inside My Own Private Idaho
Carly Robertson ~ Paper in Bloom
Shemaine Smith ~ Scraptastic
They will be joining our current team of,
Lynda Benden: Stamp Act
Melissa Bove: Keepsakes By Melissa
Jennifer Buck: The Buck Stamps Here
Jill Dunn: Ink Genious
AJ Otto: The Willow Garden
Heather Lee-Reppen: Ink on my Ear
JE Owner:
Lindsey Botkin: Embellished

I can't wait for all of the excitement that will come... I'M ALREADY EXCITED, CAN'T YOU TELL?!?!?

Well on an earlier note. I'm getting married in a week. I have SO MUCH TO DO (and apparently can't stop yelling) so I will catch up with you all later!!

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