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I have had a little bit of a hiatus from the blog that certainly wasn't intentional, but you how life just sneaks up on you and takes the carpet right from under you?? Report cards, a two-week trip to Ireland with my husband's rugby team, then 5 days later a trip to Disneyland with my choir and band... I've also made a major life decision that will hopefully help with my stress-level and my ability to cope with busy times in my life. More on that later!!

Back to the title of my post - as a cardmaker we are always looking to what the next holiday is, and it just happens to be Mother's Day! I hope to have a bunch of different cards made so my friends and family can give them to their mommas. It's my first official post as on the The Twinery DT and I've used the twine to add some pops of colour.

Here's card #1:

When I make cards and have two patterned papers meet I like to put something along the seam. It just so happens that I usually use twine! lol... Then it's a snap to put a little image and sentiment on top of the card. So easy! Here's a close-up of the colouring: 

I used Copic markers and a pastel chalk pencil to deepen the shading. 

Here's card #2: 

This card didn't end up how I wanted it to, but that's the way it goes sometimes, right? I added the twine on top of the design on the patterned paper and used foam dots to add raised hearts. I kind of wanted flags or something, but the heart are fitting especially for mommy! If there's one thing I've learned about art throughout the years is you always have to keep moving forward... I did, and it turned out to be be pretty cute! 

Thanks for stopping by today... And get started on those Mother's Day cards!!

The Twinery Twine used: Mandarin and Solid Mandarin
SRM Stickers. 
Chickaniddy Patterned Paper

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