The SRM Challenge: August

Hi there peeps! I didn't have time at the beginning of the month to post my card for the August SRM Challenge so I'm posting it now... I've been a tad busy with China prep and I also started my new blog to chronicle our adventures while teaching over there... I invite you to check it out and subscribe! A Canadian Girl In Shanghai!  Anyway... Back to the card:

Supplies used: Take 2 Stickers by the Dozen, and We've Got Your Border Baby
I used the colours from the "color inspiration" and I also used the sketch. What's cool about the new challenge is that you can do any one of the challenges, all of them, or any combo in between!! So many options. 

All we ask is the you use ONLY SRM Stickers and Products but you can also use SRM in combination with your own stamps, papers, die cuts and so on!

Our rules (to keep this fun and fair):

1.  Only SRM product is permitted but you can combine with any stamps, paper, die cuts, etc. 

2.  Please comment on the project ahead of you and behind you in the link.  Everyone LOVES comments!

3.  You can link to other challenges - there is no limit.

4.  Anything that is offensive or does not follow our guidelines will be removed.  

5.  Have fun!


The winner will receive a Prize Package from the SRM Online Store.  We will also be recognizing some honorable mentions!

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