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I complain about this endlessly on Facbook (I'm getting tired of it myself) but have I told you how much the internet sucks here in China?? There's The Great Firewall here and that means the blocking of pretty much all western websites.. It's pretty widespread. So that means for any expat in China to have contact with the rest of the world we must have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that hides our location. But guess what? It slows down an already slow internet and that's bad news for uploading, downloading, posting to blogs etc... 

Why am I telling you this? 
Well... I know that since I've moved here my posting has slowed down.
I don't comment on posts anymore (blogs almost never fully load). 
I am late... Often... 

This post was supposed to be up Tuesday but I tried for 24 hours to post it and then the internet ate it.. So without further adieu, here's my card!!!!!

At the Tiddly Inks blog we had a "Gothic" challenge and this Betty Belfry image spoke to my inner goth. ( I may or may not have been a goth in high school... lol) 

I used a combination of Copics and Spectrum Noir markers to get a nice variety of grey families. Spectrum Noir has a family called Green Grey that's quite unique. I used it on her dress and hat:

You can see the contrast of her dress and her hair (which was coloured with the Cool Grey Copics) and made the undertones really come through... 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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