10, 000 Hits! BLOG CANDY!!!!!!!!!!

Because I'm a high school music teacher, AND a freelance musician, this is probably the most concert-heavy time of year for me. This week I am busy for 6 nights straight doing concerts (and this is in addition to teaching every day). Next week I get a little bit of a break, so hopefully I can decorate my tree and put up Christmas decorations.. I just haven't had time yet!

Anyway... On to FUN! I am not the "Blog Candy" type of person, but I think I will have to make an exception because 10, 000 hits is a pretty big number and I need to celebrate! I would like you to leave a comment IN THIS POST and let me know what your favourite Christmas tradition is. I will post a pic of what the blog candy will be in a couple of days...

I will tell you my favourite tradition:

My family is Catholic (I'm not practicing anymore) but I still cherish the wonderful tradition of going to midnight mass. I gather up all of my presents (and clothes etc) and head over to my parents on Christmas eve. We usually have a nap around 9:00 (although of late, my brother and I usually stay up playing poker and drinking.. hahahaha) and around 11:00 we all put on our Sunday best, my best friend comes over, and we head to midnight mass... My brother, best friend and I sing at the top of our lungs during the service (usually drowning out the octogenarian choir) and breathe in frankinsense. We get home around 1:30, bring out all the presents from Santa, and head to bed for a well-deserved sleep.

I will post a pic of the Candy over the weekend, but I will make the draw on Sunday night! Feel free to let anyone know about the blog candy, and thank you all for reading my blog. And have a merry Christmas!!

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