Anna's New Releases brought to you by the number 33

33 years of me.
Most days I feel like "I'm only 33??"
I love birthdays, I don't know why, but it's true what they say: as you get older
the birthdays get a little more boring and they all start to blur together...
So yah, lately birthdays have been somewhat of a downer.

BUT! I have at least one thing to celebrate today, and it's month 
two of my design spot with Anna Wight and Whipper Snapper!
This release is TOO CUTE! Check out the new sets:

I set out to do three things with these stamps: make colourful, whimsical, HAPPY cards.
This is what I did today (yesterday):

( I used Ranger's crackle finish on the shell with some stickles!)

All of the images are so easy to combine,
that's what I had the most fun with.
I have a few more "scene's" waiting to by coloured on my desktop that I
will share with you soon.

I hope you have a wonderful April 19th!
I am teaching a Copic colouring class
tonight and maybe sometime during the day
I'll have a piece of cake or a big
latte or something! I hope you enjoyed my happy cards!

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