Has the world gone mad??

I don't have a soap-box, so I rarely get up on one, but I just gotta say something: WHY ARE ALL OF MY FAVOURITE STAMP COMPANIES CLOSING? I found out about Elzybells (my first Design Team gig) the other day and was SO sad. I flipped through all of my well-loved stamps and felt sad that there was going to be no more new Elzybells in the world... Here's one of my favourite cards I did of with my stamps as part of the DT:

So run, don't walk to Elzybells to get stamps before they disappear!! 

Okay, sadness #2: Cornish Heritage Farms is closing!!  I've never been affiliated with them, I've just spent many precious hours creating with their SUPER high-quality stamps that are so awesome and fun. The company is for sale if you're in the market (too bad I'm not, HA!) but I am so scared that the company will just go away, or change.. Here's a card I was going to post tonight using CHF stamps that I use ALL the time:

That owl is my go-to guy for manly stamps. I paired him with some SEI papers and a sticker from SRM Stickers. 
So again, run to CHF to get those stamps because they are going to keep them on the website for a while, but not press any new stamps! I, myself, need to check my budget to see if I can afford to get some of those stamps I've wanted for a while... 

So this is it. *angry face* No more stamp companies closing, okay?? Do you promise??? 
Good... Have a good day. 

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