Nummy, Nummy Tubes

The tubes from SRM have been a real "blessing" this holiday season. It's been my go-to gift for people in my life, young and old!

I changed up how I did my Christmas tubes a little by die-cutting some words with the MM Slice and adding an SRM sticker to complete the sentiment, like this:

I finished off these guys by filling them with mint M&M's... If you've never tried them, TRY THEM.. They're awesome. 

So I am writing this post at exactly 1:40am in between completing hand-made gifts and wrapping presents, and checking my Facebook! lol.. I am starting to get droopy-eyed, though, so I may pack it in for the night, but like most of you I am trying to pack in relaxing and enjoying my time off, hanging out with my boy and hubby, Christmas errands and there aren't enough hours the day, darn-it!! 

Take care, and I'll talk to you one more time before the big day!

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