I {heart} Mixed Media

So when it comes to papercrafts you may have noticed that I like to dabble. I, like many of you, have been “crafty” all my life and have  gone through a bunch of different “mediums” before landing on stamping.
I still love paint, though.
I wish I could draw well ‘cause I think I would do more “art” if I had that ability.
But I think I found something that will fill that hole.
Mixed Media Collage.
(Mixed Media on 12x12 Canvas)
I have long admired people like Christy Tomlinson for her spontaneous and beautiful way of creating but never thought it would turn out if I tried… I didn’t know HOW. But here’s the thing: there are some basic steps (watching Christy’s videos help a lot!!) and really, it just starts to come together as you walk through them. For example, step one is covering the canvas with patterned papers. I can do that. Step two, add various colours of paint on top and have as little or as much paper showing through as you want.. Instinctually you know what to do. It’s so fun!
One thing I absolutely love about it is I have all the products and materials already. Materials such as:
patterned paper
washi tape
Here are some close-ups. Can you spot the supplies?

If you live anywhere near me (Vancouver, BC) I will be teaching this as a class in March/April at Clipper Street. Sign up for their newsletter and you’ll be informed of the dates. If you’re at all curious about this style of art I encourage you to give it a try. I already have quite the collection of pieces and I love it!!
Take care, and thanks for popping in!

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