Our new “Best Friend”

Up until a week ago our family consisted of: Me, my husband Ian, our son Phoenix, our cat Whiskers and our dog Kitara. We were happy, our hearts were full, the animals thrived but I suppose something was missing (little did I know). I love visiting my friend Jessica for so many reasons (we laugh/cry/make cards/bitch about husbands, lol) but another reason I love her house is her preference for weiner…

DOGS!! Dachshunds, to be more specific! I didn’t know how much I loved those little wiener dogs until I was around Jess’s dogs for a weekend. Her one dog, Otis, stole my heart and I became “known” in our little There She Goes family as a wiener-lover. Ahhh… So be it… Harmless fun until Meredith (who does a lot of behind-the-scenes work at TSG) started to send me links to dog rescues with Dachshunds. Well isn’t that perfect!! I talked it over with hubby and we decided that we had room in our hearts/house for a dog that needs a leg-up..

Enter Best Friends Animal Society. One look at the “Chiweenie” named Cabernet and I was a goner.

If you don’t know Best Friends, they’re an amazing organization. They have rescued every kind of animal imaginable and take good care of them until someone takes them to their “forever home.” They are based in Utah, but they will fly your pet to you and all you have to pay for is the charge for the cargo. We picked her up a week ago and she is settling in wonderfully!


So yes, she’s a Chiweenie, which is a Chihuahua/Dachshund cross. I had all kinds of nightmares before picking her up that she would be more CHI than WEENIE, but she has a very lovely temperament. She’s up-beat like a puppy should be, but she’s not yappy, or mean, or aggressive, she’s just a sweet little girl!
I made a layout featuring her and have shared it on the TSG Blog. Please stop by there to see the full page. And PLEASE, if you’re at all curious about Best Friends Animal Society click the link and peruse all of the poor animals that need a loving home!

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  1. What a sweet post Tobi! Fiona is ADORABLE! ou are such a warm & wonderful person to open your heart and home to this little girl. I know she will love you forever! Lovely layout!!
    ~ Meredith

  2. We also have a chiweenie that our daughter rescued. She is the sweetest dog we have ever had. enjoy

  3. Congratulations on making the commitment to a rescue dog. We rescued a few years ago and we can't imagine life without her. Your Chiweenie is adorable!!


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