Tobi's Top 12 of 2013

This was, by 25 blog posts, my busiest blog year. I had 4-6 design teams that I served on and it was quite the chore for me to juggle everything while maintaining my super-busy teaching schedule - but I came out alive! lol... 

I am looking forward to a more relaxed 2014 with only a few design teams on my plate and a lighter teaching load at my LSS. I am still quite busy with my music-teaching position and I only see myself getting 
busier as time goes by. My choral program is building bigger and bigger every year
and it thrills me to no end to have all of my dear students involved!

In the tradition of many bloggers out there (and I've done it for 4 years now too), I am going to share MY favourite projects from 2013. I have gone through some creative changes this year and consider mixed media one of my forte's and one of my favourite ways to create cards. Copic is still up there, but I feel like I'm more versatile after this year... 

So here we are: 

The first of many mixed media canvases.
Kind of wiener-obsessed after adopting one of my own!

This year I really refined my shading-with-chalk-pencil technique. Love it!

I designed my first stamp set this month! That was awesome.

This card is one of my most-pinned cards. So simple though!

Definitely got into Art Journalling this year. This page has been pinned almost 100 times!

I started designing for Annabelle Stamps. They're gorgeous!!

Another Annabelle Stamps card. I held on to this one!!

This is a cute little canvas book I painted. It was a lot of fun...

PanPastels came into my life and it's been great.

One of TSGs fastest selling stamp sets. So sad that TSG is gone now...

I gave this to my train-loving Dad. This was a fun card to make!

Just like last year I noticed my propensity for using black cardstock. I must vow to use more of my delicious Bazzill Cardshoppe this year!! But I love the addition of my new mixed media supplies - it's definitely influenced my style for the better.. (I think?!?!) 

I'd LOVE it if you commented with a link to YOUR top cards of 2013! I just love looking at everyone's best projects at a glance. Head over to the Catered Crop and share your "Top 2013" creations for a chance to guest design with them! Take care, and Happy New Year!!

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