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 The excitement continues as we lead you on a world tour of amazing artists playing with Stampendous, DecoArt, and Princeton Artist Brushes via inspired by Willow Wolfe products together! You'll be amazed at what they've created! If you missed the beginning of our journey, be sure to go back and check it out! MONDAY - TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY

Today I decided to alter a cheap iPhone 5 case. I saw them in Fred Meyer and they were the most boring things I've ever seen, but they were a blank canvas... Literally. 

So I set off priming it with DecoArt White Gesso. It covered nicely, and serves as a great base for other paints to go on top! (Just so you know, their Gesso is like Liquitex's Super Heavy Gesso.. It's thick and luscious! 

I sponged a bunch of stencils on like so: 

I used the All-Surface Acrylic paints and FREE stencil from this stamp set: Cling Jumbo Leaves

A little doodling and it's finished off in the back: 

And here's the front and inside: 


Of course, there are prizes! DecoArt is sending three sets of their Media Fluid Acrylics, Princeton Artist Brushes via inspired by Willow Wolfe is donating Select 3750 Brushes and some Catalyst Wedges, and we'll be adding a Stampendous Creative Palette so you can practice all the techniques you'll see this week. We'll be sending three prize packages to commenters with U.S. Mailing Addresses, and DecoArt will be sending three generous sample packages to international commenters, so all our friends can play. Wait until you see what our other artists have created!

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Louise Crosbie (Scotland, UK)

Debbie Cole (California, USA)

Iliane de Fockert (Elly) (Niedersachsen, Germany)

Julia Stratford-Wright (near London, UK)

Suzanne Czosek (Illinois, USA)

Kathi Rerek (New Jersey, USA)

Wendy Price (New Jersey, USA)

Tobi Crawford (BC, Canada)

Melanie Artz (Seattle, WA)

  A few of the bloggers this week are new to hopping, so if you have an issue with any of the links, here's a little tip! If you get a page that says "Sorry that Page is not here" or something similar, try clicking on the header of the blog, or look for something that says Home. The hop page should be near the top of the day's posts. We will fix broken links as the day goes on, as well, so check back here if you are really lost.

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