July Challenges!

It's a double entendre: July has brought a lot of interesting challenges my way, AND I have managed to squeeze in a few challenges! So yay me! I have been busy teaching mixed media and card classes at various stores in my province, getting ready for our move to China, packing, getting dental work wrapped up before my insurance expires... Geez, what else can I fit in there? To say July has been a challenge is an understatement, but the reason I did not pack up my craft stuff is I love to steal away from LIFE and just get messy sometimes... 

So in my mixed media classes (hello to my new friends!!) I've been talking about how to not waste paint, sprays, gesso etc, by handing out book pages to "smoosh" their leftovers onto. Today's project shows you how you could use one such page! 

  1. I had some extra modelling paste on my palette so I scraped it through a stencil onto this book page.

  2.  I watered down some Gesso and spread a thin layer onto the page. 

  3.  Then I sprayed a few Dylusions Ink Sprays onto the top of the page and followed that with some sprays of water. 

  4.   I mopped up the leftover mist with more book pages! 

   5.    I chose some coordinating Gelatos. 

   6.   I spread the colours onto the paper and blended them with a baby wipe. 

   7.   Card-making time!! 

I added a lot of different elements in black and white as to not take away from the bright colours of the background. That's always a go-to technique in my book! (I used a sticker from Take 2 - Wedding and mounted it on black glitter paper)

This card is for two challenges: 

  1. The SRM Challenge: July Theme - Wedding Shower. As you will see from the next picture, this is actually a glassine bag, so invitation information, maps, RSVPs etc can all get tucked inside. (this would even make a great card to accompany a wedding gift!) 
  2. The 200th Case Study Challenge - I used this week's sketch for my layout and I'm sure glad I did.. I would never have thought to put that little element on the top left corner... Always great inspiration from this challenge!! 
Here's the back of the bag: 

All we ask is the you use ONLY SRM Stickers and Products but you can also use SRM in combination with your own stamps, papers, die cuts and so on!

Our rules (to keep this fun and fair):

1.  Only SRM product is permitted but you can combine with any stamps, paper, die cuts, etc. 

2.  Please comment on the project ahead of you and behind you in the link.  Everyone LOVES comments!

3.  You can link to other challenges - there is no limit.

4.  Anything that is offensive or does not follow our guidelines will be removed.  

5.  Have fun!

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