Naughty Or Nice: October Challenge

So I was sitting at my desk wanting to colour something... What should I do? Well, there is no Thanksgiving in China, but being at a Canadian school I'm sure we'll do something and since it's coming up on Oct. 13 I thought I would colour a pumpkin!! 

I decided to photo the steps to see how the image progressed... (this is an image from There She Goes illustrated by Danielle Lounds)

I could have left it there, but I didn't. I also could have added shading with Copic markers, but I didn't. 
I used my trusty General's Chalk Pencil and blending stump like I showed you IN THIS VIDEO

So here is some shading where I just focused on cast shadows. (Shadows that are cast by an object or a figure) 

So if you look under the vines, around the pinecone, and on the ground you can see where I added the shading. Again, I could have left it there, but I wanted to enhance the shadows within the image, so I added more! 

You can see the shading on the pumpkin, itself. All of the grooves have shadows and I beefed up the shadows on the bottom too.. Also check around "Thankful." 

Here's the completed card: 

And here's all of the markers I used: 

(The odd marker is a Spectrum Noir... It's a dark green and really pretty!!) 

So you read it right.. After a month off I've continued on with the Naughty Or Nice challenge and I'm holding a DT call.. Do you have it in you to make 1 or 2 cards a month with a slightly naughty bent?? Then check out the details IN THIS POST!

For the "naughty" portion of the challenge I made this card:

Just having a little fun with the "thanks" theme!! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. how funny...I just saw your video and then just clicked on your blog post and saw that you are using them again! Great card. Since I am also a Canadian living in another country (USA) we also celebrate Thanksgiving in kids think its cool that they get 2 thanksgivings. Early Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I hope with all the Canadians here that we get a thanksgiving!!! Otherwise, sadness....

  2. I love them both. I love how you showed your coloring steps Tobi. I love that cute donkey. I just love how you color.

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I am going to try to show the steps more often. I know people appreciate it... Take care!


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