World Cardmaking Day and Creative Blog Hop

Hi there! So it's World Cardmaking Day and I have a couple things going on today on the blog... First off: a card!! lol.. (Seems fitting, right?)

I made this card for Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge: Finishing Touch. I don't know about you, but when I'm nearing the end of a card I take a step back - maybe tidy up a little - and look at the card one last time to see if it needs something else. Can you guess what that was on this card? If you guessed the black drips, then you guessed right. The Queen Anne's Lace stamp (Technique Tuesday) looks great on its own, but the sky looked a little empty and needed something. (The background was cut out of a paper from this Webster's Pages line...) So I took out my black Dylusions Ink Spray and dripped some ink onto the background. Now it looks like little puffs are floating through the air!! 

 Now for a little fun! My friend Danielle Lounds, has invited me to participate in a "Crafty Hop". Danielle is one of my online craft friends that I've actually met in real life!! She's one of those people that you like instantly because she's just so damn likeable, AND she can bake like no one's business!! lol.. I love the idea of this hop because it can just keep going, introducing us to bloggers we may never have met otherwise. So how does it work? I answer a few questions and then nominate a few other bloggers to take part in the hop. So here goes:

What am I working on now? Hmmm... That's a tough one because I SHOULD be working on stuff, but lately finding the motivation to actually get anything done is hard. I am way behind on my 48 Weeks class with Donna Downey (like, 3 months behind!!), and I do have some design team projects coming up, but nothing is really pressing right now. The most annoying thing about how I work is I need deadlines to motivate me! Give me a deadline and I'm golden!! 

How does my work differ from others in my genre? Well, that's a great question because I don't really think I fall into one genre so perhaps my work is unique because of that fact. I think the fact that I don't have one style is kind of my style!!  But if I were to say Copic colouring: I like to colour with a lot of contrast so my darks are super dark, and the lights are almost white. I also use Chalk Pastel pencils to add shadows/dimension. Mixed Media: I love colour - I'm not afraid of fluorescents and vivid colours all mixed together!

Why do I create what I do? I have always been an "artist" and I have a very entrepreneurial spirit and I always tend to monetize my creativity. I was always a musician but when music became my full-time career it was really impossible to enjoy it as a "creative outlet." Enter cardmaking. This is something I can come home and do after a long day of teaching. After 7 years I still love it because there is always something new to learn and master and, just like any other kind of art, you are never done learning how to be better. I love a challenge! 

How does my creative process work? Like I said in the first answer, I need a deadline or a reason to get started. That could even be as simple as a challenge I would like to play, but yah, I need a "job" to do to get started... From there it's decision-time: mixed media? Copics? Watercolors? Clean and Simple? Stamping? No stamping??? Then it's patterned-paper (if I'm using it), then stamps... I also need to have a completely clean and organized work-space each and every time I start crafting otherwise I can't think. ADHD is really annoying sometimes and I just can't focus with distractions around me! 

SO speaking of creative process... Do you want a look at my new digs here in China? I went through how I have organized my craft space too! 

Who am I nominating? 
Teri Anderson: Her blog: A bit of this. A bit of that, was one of the first blogs I ever subscribed to. Her clean & simple style intrigued and fascinated me and I found myself looking forward to her new posts each day in my reader. Fast-forward a few years and she is now my "boss" with Technique Tuesday and one of my good crafty friends. Her generosity of talent and her kind nature are two of the things I love about her... Oh, and she's also an amazingly talented and famous crafter. There's that too... 

Daniela Dobson: Her blog: Create Your Everyday is for everyone: cardmaker, scrapbooker, altered art, project life... She does it all and she does it very well! We've been on Tech. Tuesday for many years and I think that's where we "met" but I've been a follower of hers for a long time. Her projects are always full of beauty, layers, intricacies, and heart. 

So that's all for now. I hope you are able to get creative today!! Thanks for visiting, and I hope you like the video! 

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